Thermal Conductive Silicone Grease Effect?

2011/10/1 15:51:21

Thermal conductive paste, also known as thermal conductive silicone grease, is called thermal conductive silicone thermal conductive paste in some areas. It is a kind of material used to fill the gap between the heating sheet and the heat sink. This material is also known as thermal interface materials. Its function is to conduct the heat emitted by the heating block to the heat sink, to keep its temperature at a level that can work stably, to prevent damage due to poor heat dissipation, and to prolong its service life. In the application of heat dissipation and heat conduction, even when two planes with very smooth surfaces are in contact with each other, there will be gaps. The air in these gaps is a poor conductor of heat, which will hinder the conduction of heat to the heat sink. The heat-conducting silicone grease is a material that can fill these gaps and make the heat conduction smoother and faster. There are many types of silicone grease on the market now, and different parameters and physical characteristics determine different uses. For example, some are suitable for CPU heat conduction, some for memory heat conduction, some for power supply heat conduction ... ... There are also some electronic products that can be used, such as power dissipation, rapid temperature measurement by sensors, etc. Thermal conductive silica gel: Thermal conductive silicone and thermal conductive silicone grease belong to thermal interface materials. Thermal conductive silica gel is thermal conductive RTV glue, which can be cured at normal temperature. The biggest difference between thermal conductive silica gel and thermal conductive silicone grease is that thermal conductive silica gel can be cured and has certain adhesive properties. Thermal conductive silicone gasket: Recently, the thermal conductive silicone gasket has widely replaced the traditional thermal conductive silicone grease used in notebook computers to conduct heat for CPU. Its advantages are convenient repeated use and no infiltration. Thermal conductive tape: There is a kind of material called heat conduction adhesive tape in industry, which is generally used on the surface of some electronic parts and chips with less heat generation. This kind of material has relatively small thermal conductivity and generally low thermal conductivity. Operating temperature of thermally conductive silicone grease Generally not more than 200℃, high temperature can reach 300℃, low temperature is generally about -60℃ Thermal conductive silicone grease is a kind of high thermal conductive insulating silicone material, which is almost never cured and can maintain the grease state for a long time at the temperature of-50℃ to+230℃. It not only has excellent electrical insulation, but also has excellent thermal conductivity, at the same time, it has low oil release (tends to zero), high and low temperature resistance, water resistance, ozone resistance and weather aging resistance. It can be widely applied to contact surfaces between heating elements (power tubes, silicon controlled rectifiers, electric heating stacks, etc.) and heat dissipation facilities (radiating fins, radiating strips, shells, etc.) in various electronic products and electrical equipment, and plays the role of a heat transfer medium and has the performances of moisture prevention, dust prevention, corrosion prevention, shock prevention, etc. It is suitable for surface coating or integral encapsulation of various microwave devices such as microwave communication, microwave transmission equipment, microwave special power supply, regulated power supply, etc. Such silicon materials provide excellent heat conduction effect to electronic components that generate heat. For example, transistors, CPU assembly, thermistors, temperature sensors, automotive electronic components, automotive refrigerators, power modules, printers, etc.